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From your very first consultation with a Cole Law Group attorney, you will likely notice that we stand apart from other law firms. So, what are the factors that distinguish us?

Why We Are Different

First, our team is headed by founder Todd Cole, whose core values and firm leadership have clearly defined the goals and mission of Cole Law Group. Mr. Cole is “upfront” about who he is and what he stands for, and has imprinted his stamp of unwavering ethical standards and dedication to the law upon the culture of our firm. He leads by example and inspires others with the same high purpose.

Second, our attorneys and staff, all of whom have exceptional academic abilities and expertise, get particularly energized by working together to achieve client goals. No attorney “owns” a client. There is no cutthroat competition among our professionals. Our staff members are caring, client-oriented, and feel personally vested in every case. At Cole Law Group we truly work as a team.

Finally, we feel that clients who put their trust in us deserve our best effort. We welcome challenges and are adept at being either skillful negotiators or aggressive advocates in the courtroom. Our attorneys have a successful track record of thinking “outside the box” and devising creative solutions in order to resolve difficult cases. We fight for our clients in trial, but also discourage them from becoming mired in a battle that costs more than they will gain. We are invested in people, not profit, and we will never encourage a client to pursue imprudent objectives so that we can earn more fees.

How We Are Different

At Cole Law Group we are different in how we approach the attorney-client relationship. A client needs to feel comfortable with his/her attorney as a person and as a trusted advisor. Our objective is to build a lasting partnership with you, our client, based upon mutual trust and respect. During an initial consultation, your attorney will give an honest, realistic assessment of the possible outcomes of your case while offering practical advice and sound counsel. Whether the legal issue is big or small, you will receive the personal attention that you deserve. We will be honest, transparent, and at all times engage you in the legal process. We will strive to achieve your individual goals. After all, what is important to us is what is important to you.

Integrity, legal expertise, accessibility, and exceptional value are the cornerstones of Cole Law Group. Our principles and values are established. Our passion is to redefine the current view of what a law firm does and how it operates. Our mission is to provide legal representation well beyond our clients' expectations. Our success is measured by your success. As clients of Cole Law Group, you should expect nothing less.


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